Superior Look and Feel with the Benefits of:

  • Enjoying your weekend with maintenance-free grass
  • Going green with water savings
  • Playing on a safe, clean, quick-drying surface for kids and pets

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Complete Synthetic Lawns

Our new generation synthetic turf is now softer and more life like than it’s predecessors. It requires no black crumb rubber making it safe and comfortable for children at play
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Putting Greens For the Home

Imagine the convenience and privacy of your own backyard putting and practice green that requires virtually no maintenance and is always ready for you to practice on, anytime?
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Synthetic Turf for Your Pet

Everyone appreciates a nice-looking lawn but pets ruin the lawn with dead grass spots that won’t grow after re-seeding and often after re-sodding. A synthetic turf lawn from BestTurf San Diego® can help change all that
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San Diego Putting Greens Best Turf
May 24, 2017

Facts About Artificial Turf in San Diego

Since coming to prominence in the 1960s, the use of artificial turf became a commonplace to many football and baseball fields, as well as to tons of welcome mats. Recently,...
San Diego Artificial Lawns Best Turf
May 24, 2017

Is It Good to Use Synthetic Grass in San Diego?

There is just something comforting about nicely mowed lawns. Whether you are looking for a spot to chill out, play catch with a Frisbee or ball, or lie on a...
Best Turf
November 30, 2015

Hollywood Millionaires Can Waste Water, But Regular Folks Can’t

Since California Governor Jerry Brown imposed a mandatory 25 percent cut back on water consumption last year, urban customers and state authorities have successfully cut their water use by 31...
Coronado California Best Turf
November 4, 2015

Lawns in Coronado Use Too Much Water

In the drought-stricken city of Coronado, water has become an increasingly precious resource. Yet, many residents have been wasting it to keep their lawns green and lush, not realizing that...
San Diego Synthetic Turf Best Turf
October 13, 2015

East Coast is Learning About California’s Water Shortage

California has been dealing with drought issues for a while now and it has been a big wake-up call for everyone as flooding, drought, and climate change force them to...
San Diego Artificial Lawns Best Turf
September 15, 2015

Why an Artificial Lawn Might Be the Most Responsible Thing You Can Do for the Environment

Whether an artificial turf contributes to pollution or helps reduce carbon footprint has long been a debate. If you try to google about synthetic turf, you’d find countless articles discussing...
San Diego Artificial Turf Best Turf
September 15, 2015

Stay Compliant with California Water Restrictions and Still Have a Great-Looking Lawn

For the past few years, experts have been trying to manage the state’s water resources to make sure that the residents survive the prolonged drought. In an effort to take...
San Diego Best Turf Best Turf
September 3, 2015

Water Restrictions in San Diego County – What is It and How Can It Affect You?

In accordance to the state of California’s recent conservation order that mandates a 25 percent water use reduction, new water restrictions in San Diego, which could leave residential lawns and...
San Diego Best Turf Best TurfBest Turf 2
July 17, 2015

6 Reasons to Stay Away From Cheap Fake Grass

Who would not want a turf that is durable, does not require feeding, and does not consume water but stays forever green? Sounds like an ideal lawn, right? Invented in...