Is It Good to Use Synthetic Grass in San Diego?

By May 24, 2017Best Turf

There is just something comforting about nicely mowed lawns. Whether you are looking for a spot to chill out, play catch with a Frisbee or ball, or lie on a hot day, a mowed lawn can be a pleasurable thing, especially if you don’t have to care for it too frequently.

This is where artificial grass comes into play.San Diego Synthetic Turf

With tons of realistic-looking turf options available now more than ever, synthetic grass is beginning to be a boon. Artificial turf is moving beyond golf courses and football fields. Today, it is becoming popular in home landscapes too.

In fact, the use of fake grass for recreation and landscaping in the U.S. is growing annually by 10 to 15 percent. More and more people now see the benefits and convenience of having a synthetic turf. But what exactly are its advantages?

The Perks of Having Synthetic Grass

We’re sure you know how incredibly hard, expensive, and time consuming maintaining a healthy, well-trimmed lawn in the San Diego climate can be. By installing synthetic grass, you are offered the same of having real grass in your lawn plus a lot more.

Perk #1: It saves water.

Grass needs to be watered. But if it’s artificial, you won’t need to use water, except maybe when you are cleaning after your pet. With the increasing importance of conserving water, installing Synthetic turf will offer a significant amount of water savings.

Perk #2: It has lower maintenance efforts and costs.

Synthetic grass requires no trimming, mowing, and fertilizing. So even without regular maintenance, artificial turf can look great and stay green all year round. Which means you’ll have one less expense to worry about.

Perk #3: It’s more eco-friendly.

On top of reducing water usage, synthetic grass actively helps the environment through many other ways. For one, it does not need to be fertilized so pollution and chemicals that run off into sewer drains are minimized. And since there is no need to mow Synthetic grass, carbon emissions from lawn mowers are eliminated.

Perk #4: It can be applied just about anywhere.

Synthetic grass won’t create a muddy mess when wet, hence it’s perfect to use as ground cover around pools. And if you want to beautify your roof but worry about grass clippings, installing a synthetic turf will take that worry away. You’ll be surprised at the many different applications in which artificial grass can be utilized.

Perk #5: It supports varied lifestyles.

For a normal-sized yard, mowing alone can take several hours out of your week. Time is a precious commodity. And as you try to juggle all your responsibilities, time becomes an even more critical element; which is why installing artificial turf is beneficial. Since it calls for little maintenance, it can free up your time for more important activities.

Homeowners, particularly those who are frequently away from their home or those who don’t have the physical ability to mow their lawn, will find synthetic turf a very valuable asset.

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