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Our new generation synthetic turf is now softer and more life like than it’s predecessors

Synthetic Lawn Turf

San Diego Synthetic Turf for Lawns

Our new generation San Diego Synthetic Turf is now softer and more life like than it’s predecessors. It requires no black crumb rubber making it safe and comfortable for children at play.Our innovative turf cooling systems are designed to keep your synthetic lawn cool and comfortable all day, especially in the direct noon-sun exposure. We have also patented a large scale cooling system that works by re-circulation chilled water under the sports field.

Our Geo-thermal Sub-base Temperature Modification system incorporates geo-thermal ground source heat exchange to chill the re-circulating water as it travels under the synthetic sports field. In frigid weather, the system will keep the field temperature above freezing so snow and ice can’t build up on the field. Because the system drains and recirculates the water in it own closed network of piping, it naturally recaptures and filters rain water that can be stored and used in any other water application.The Geo-STM will be a major component in sports field temperature management in both hot and cold climates on a global scale.

Our portable, self-contained desalinization systems can be designed for any size facility and installed anywhere. immediately producing a sustainable, controllable supply of safe, clean drinking water for every day use. Fitted with a solar power system this unit can be on standby for emergency back-up water production if ever water and power service is interrupted.

Our 4 Primary Objectives:

Best Turf’s pursuit of the perfect synthetic turf had four primary objectives.

  1. First, it had to be lead safe and 100% recyclable. This meant that our turf San Diego Artificial Lawnswould be latex backed and use no black crumb rubber and our grass fibers and yarns would be lead free.
  2. It had to look like real Southern California grass. Our synthetic lawn is made up of 4 different colored textured grass fibers to capture the natural greens and tans of real grass.
  3. It had to stay cool in the hot sun. We are the only company offering under-turf cooling systems to keep your synthetic lawn comfortable in the hot sun. Our new generation synthetic lawn turf is made with thin strands of grass green fiber and a spongy, tan yarn woven into a latex backing designed to stay cool in the hot sun.
  4. Most importantly, it had to be affordable. My prices have consistently been priced about 30% lower than the leading turf companies and now we offer our exclusive under-turf cooling system. Our synthetic lawn installation