Turf Cooling System

Heating & Cooling System for Synthetic Turf and Live Grass

San Diego Turf Cooling System

Heating & Cooling System for Synthetic Turf and Live Grass

All-weather temperature control on the largest sports field or activity lawns

Our San Diego Turf Cooling System not only cools the hottest turf but can also heat a synthetic field to melt snow before it can freeze into the synthetic turf. In very hot climates like Qatar, the location of FIFA World Cup 2022, our system can cool live grass on soccer pitches.

CoolTurf has a cooling/heating system for synthetic lawns and sports fields with artificial turf. In proven studies, the system lowered surface heat on synthetic turf from 150o+ to 105o in less than 12 minutes on an 86o day using 73o water. Chilled water is circulated beneath the synthetic turf cooling the field with out interrupting activities in progress on the field. The same re-circulating fluid that is chilled to cool the hottest fields on hot days can be heated to warm the field and melt snow on cold days. In snowy conditions heated fluid circulating under the synthetic turf warms the surface keeping snow from sticking to the synthetic turf, even on the coldest days.

Live grass is easier to cool than synthetic turf because there is no black crumb rubber or black backing to absorb heat. Under normal conditions, the system begins to cool at the first sign of heat buildup on the field so that surface temperatures can never reach dangerously high levels.

San Diego Turf Cooling San Diego Turf Cooling

Rain Water Recapture is an important attribute of the system. Rain water drains through the turf into under-turf panels where the system collects the water and diverts it to a storage area.

In cold weather climates the system raises the sports field temperature above freezing and prevents snow and ice from sticking to the field.

A Thermostatic control console automatically controls water flow and monitors temperatures on the synthetic sports field. Pumps begin circulating water at the first sign of heat on the sports field allowing the under-turf cooling system to mitigate surface heat long before temperatures reach harmful levels. Our under-turf system is made of agricultural-quality PVC with a load stress rating that exceeds 150PSI. The system recycles the same fluid to cool or heat synthetic sports fields from underneath, maintaining lasting durability under the impact of sports play.

A Full Scale Demo is Available to allow you to field test the cooling system at your specific sports field site. It ships easily as a 3ft x 3ft synthetic turf cooling/heating module that functions just as it would permanently installed. Call for details.

For answers to your questions about sub base temperature control systems, installation procedures or technical data, please contact Rich Giglio at Turfcooler@gmail.com or call 619-708-0370

*The water temperature is produced by mechanical chillers and heaters Where available, a cold, deep body of water or geo-thermal ground source heat exchange core can also be used effectively.

  • Residential Turf Cooling System
  • Roof Decks
  • Residential lawns
  • School, per-schools & Children’s play areas
  • Play Grounds
  • Dog Kennels

The Residential system draws cool water from your main water service or is fitted with a high output water chiller in extreme conditions and evenly disperses moisture under the whole synthetic lawn in about 15 minuets. The cool moisture under the turf stops the build up of surface heat and also draws impurities out of the turf after each use.
A custom secondary backing on our synthetic turf allows the sun’s heat to pass through turf to the moisture membrane beneath. (Note: this system will not perform as well with standard synthetic turf using a polyurethane backing)

Our cooling system can be set up for manual operation or by an automatic thermostatic control sensor system to disburse moisture under the turf when surface heat starts building up on the synthetic lawn assuring you the most comfortable synthetic lawn experience under the sun.

Live Grass Cooling

Our system can be buried under live grass to cool and control the soil San Diego Turf Coolingtempurature at the root level. In hot weather, cool circulating water will keep the surface of the grass cool and stops the grass from going into heat shock so the roots continue to absorb and process nutrients.
In cold weather, warm water circulating through the system heats the soil, simulating warm weather conditions during cold winter months. The system is cheaper and more effective than copper piping which develops dry dead zones around the hot copper pipes after time diminishing it’s effect under the field.

Cool Turf

CoolTurf has consulted on synthetic turf temperature control systems all overSan Diego Turf Cooling the world including Saudi Arabia, BC Canada, Texas, California, Nevada and Florida. We can be retained to consult and design a cooling/heating system for any project. When your plans call for under-turf synthetic turf warming or cooling or any under floor or deck temperature control, make us your first call.

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