Stay Compliant with California Water Restrictions and Still Have a Great-Looking Lawn

By September 15, 2015Best Turf

For the past few years, experts have been trying to manage the state’s water resources to make sure that the residents survive the prolonged drought. In an effort to take a more aggressive step against the issue, California’s water regulators passed a new set of water restrictions just recently.

The new mandates tightened the mandatory restrictions on watering practicesSan Diego Artificial Grass in the entire state. From waiting 48 hours after rainfall before watering to restricting irrigation to two days per week, there are a number of water use regulations that California residents need to keep in mind.

What can we do to stay compliant with the new restrictions?

1 – Reduce Personal Water Use

Whether you own a home or not, minimizing your personal water usage will help you meet Governor Brown’s mandate to decrease usage by 25 percent. For homeowners who maintain fresh lawns, small steps, like using more efficient appliances or fixing leaky faucets could significantly reduce their water usage. There are practically a hundred ways to conserve water without having to sacrifice your lawn.

2 – Consider a Lawn Replacement

Some people might feel fine with simply leaving their lawns dormant during the dry spell. But for homeowners who take the extra step to keep their house looking fresh, killing their lawn is out of the question.

If you want to keep your lawn area despite the drought, you can easily replace your water-hungry turf with a different plant material that calls for less maintenance and less water. Some great fresh lawn alternatives include no mow fine fescues, Paspalum grass, Dymondia, and select species of sedges. With these low-maintenance alternatives, you’ll be able to comply with the water restrictions, at the same time keep a fresh-looking lawn nearly all-year round.

3 – Go for Artificial Turf

If you want to remove all traces of fresh grass in your home to cut back on water use, but still want a green-looking home, consider installing artificial turf. Although pricey, it’s more permanent and can last for many years.

As always, people looking at giving up their natural lawns should first seek a landscaping professional for guidance on which type of turf is the ideal lawn alternative.

4 – Landscape with Native Plants

Although not required by the State, using native, drought-tolerant plants may be one of the most effective ways to cut back on outdoor landscape irrigation. In California’s dry climate, native plants are the next best thing to use when landscaping.

5 – Take Artificial Greening Into Consideration

To give their dried-out lawns a “facelift”, some homeowners are resorting to lawn-painting. While it may not be as permanent as synthetic grass, painting lawns can enhance the curb appeal of a home for a cheaper price. One downside to this is that it doesn’t last long, so you are more likely to have your lawns painted every few months or so.

What steps are you taking to ensure that your lawn remains looking fresh under the summer heat?


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